Terms & Conditions

Object of the Contract on-line and its definition

The contract between Purelight Srl and the customer is concluded with the acceptance of the order by Purelight Srl . Acceptance is automatic, unless otherwise communicated in some way to the client. By placing an order in the prescribed manner on the web-site, customer declares he has read all information provided to him during the purchase procedure and totally accepts the general conditions and payment transcribed below.

The Customer is not entitled to any refund for damages or compensation and any contract or extra-contract liability of Purelight Srl for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or property, caused by lack of acceptance of an order.

Online sales contract means the distance contract and that the legal transaction concerning goods and / or services concluded between a supplier, Purelight Srl, placed in Castello d’Argile, via Matteotti n.c.9 .P.I. 03477041200 registered at CCIAA di Bologna in 2015 Nr. Rea: BO - 522274, and a consumer / customer as part of a remote sales system organized by the supplier, who, for this contract, exclusively engages the remote communication technology called Internet.

All contracts, therefore, will be concluded through direct access by the consumer client to the website corresponding to the address www.purelight.it, where, by following the prescribed procedures, the client will conclude the contract for the purchase of the goods.

The customer, once concluded the on-line purchase procedure, will print the electronic copy and preserve the present general sales conditions , subject to the provisions of art. 3 and 4 of Decree No. 185/1999 on distance selling.

Here below are the general sales conditions which will remain valid until they will be changed from the supplier. Any changes in the conditions of sale will be effective from the moment they will be published on the website http://www.purelight.it/terms-conditions and will refer to sales made from that moment onwards

The customer agrees and undertakes, whenever there is a change in these terms and conditions, to provide for their printing and storage.

It is forbidden to customer to enter false data, and / or fantasy data, in the registration process required to provide him with the procedure for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications: the personal data and e -mail must be the real personal data and not some other person’s , or fantasy data.

It is expressly forbidden to make multiple registrations of the same person or enter data of third persons. Purelight Srl reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, in and for the protection of consumers. The Customer indemnifies Purelight Srl from any liability arising from incorrect financial documents because of errors in the data supplied by the customer, being the Customer the only responsible for the correct entering.

1) Orders

Orders are accepted only via Internet (on-line)

Customer sending an order via internet will receive, at the end of the procedure, a confirmation of the order-placing, via e-mail, with the indication of the relative order number.

2) Jewels features

Jewelry complies with Article L.111-1 of the Consumer Code. The purchaser must, before placing the order, take note on the site www.purelight.it essential characteristic of that one or of the jewelry he wants to order

3) Sales prices and how to purchase

The customer can buy only products included in the www.purelight.it electronic catalogue at the time the order and viewable online at (URL) www.purelight.it , as described in the relevant information sheets.

It is understood that the product description page is as representative as possible compatibly with the types of hardware used to display

Prices quoted (exposed in euro) are those in effect at the time when the purchase order is entered by the buyer. The sale prices include shipping costs if higher than € 199.00 (one hundred ninety-nine Euro). For lower amounts it will be charged in supplement of the price of the purchased goods.

All selling prices of the products shown on the website www.purelight.it, for which they constitute an offer to the public pursuant to art. 1336 cc, they are inclusive of VAT and all other taxes; the cost of transport is duly highlighted in the website-page that the client will be forced to watch in the purchase confirmation; in case of delivery abroad any additional costs due to taxes or fees provided by law in the State of destination will be charged to the customer. The purchase contract is executed by correctly filling and by the consensus expressed by the adhesion given online. The customer can pay the ordered goods using the payment methods indicated on-line at the time of purchase.

Purelight Srl reserves themselves the right to change their current tariffs at all times and when they deem it necessary without notice
It will be charged to the customer a fee for shipping and handling, if required, when clearly displayed before the completion of the order, which varies according to weight, size and destination (on Italian territory or abroad) of the order. The purchase agreement is concluded through the exact compilation and the consensus expressed by the adhesion given "on-line ”

5.) Payments

The amount of the cost must be paid at the time of the Buyer’s order. As soon as the sum is collected, Purelight Srl processes the order and ships within the prescribed time. To settle his order of jewelry, the Buyer has the following payment methods

- Payments online through credit-cards

- Payment by PayPal

- Bank transfers

6.) Execution of the contract and delivery methods


The buyer's order must be confirmed by Purelight Srl via email. The sale will be considered concluded only after sending, to the purchaser, of the order confirmation from Purelight Srl, who will have collected already the full amount. Purelight Srl recommends the Buyer to keep this information on a paper or electronic document.

Purelight Srl will deliver to customers the products selected and ordered, in the manner set out, by courier and / or forwarding agents. The time of delivery may change from the same day of the order to a maximum of seven working days, and never exceed, in any case, those provided from the Legislative Decree 206/05 (30 days from date of order). The above delivery times are based on the models shown on the website when ordering. Delivery will be made by carriers by any means. No responsibility can be attributed to the supplier for late or non-delivery due to force majeure or to fortuitous case.

Delivery and receipt

General Rules

Products will be delivered to the address of the buyer detailed on the order confirmation. Invoices are automatically available on the e-mail address of the customer, once the order is validated.

Delivery features by express courier:

Delivery time is estimated in 48 hours ( 2 working days) for orders placed within 12,00 o’clock from Monday to Friday. In case of delay, the Buyer must report the incident by email to our company in order to allow us to improve the quality of our services and to undertake research with the carrier.

In case of deterioration or loss and as a result of our research, Purelight Srl will proceed at their own expenses to a new shipment of the jewels ordered by the Buyer, only if it is not attributable to a liability of the carrier (art. 1678 et seq CC) or of the Customer.

7.) Availability of the products

Customer will purchase products shown in the electronic catalogue present on the web-site www.purelight.it

8.) Responsabilities

Purelights Srl assumes no liability for disruptions caused by force majeure (such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods etc.), In case of out of stock or unavailability of the jewel, strikes of postal services and means of transport and / or communications and other events that could prevent, in whole or in part, to execute the contract on time. Purelight Srl will not be liable to any party for any damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of failure to execute the contract for the reasons mentioned above.

Purelight Srl is not responsible for any damage or loss, direct and / or indirect, arising from sale of goods and services offered on the site Purelight Srl, nor for the correspondence of goods to features published on the web-site, nor for any other circumstances not directly attributable.

Purelight Srl is exempt from any and all liability relating to the goods from the moment they are handed over unconditionally to the carrier for transport.

Customer, in the moment he receives the damaged goods or asks for re-consignement to the carrier, he has the direct action and total exclusivity toward the carrier. The carrier is answering also for the delay in the consignement of the goods to the consignee.

Purelight Srl is not responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use that may be made by third parties, of credit cards, checks and other means of payment, when purchasing products, not being in any stage of the proceedings purchase, be able to know the number of the purchaser's credit card, via a secure connection, it is transmitted directly to the manager of banking service.

9.) Warranties and modality of assistance.

Purelight Srl commercializes high-quality products, covered by a minimum warranty of 24 months from the purchase date excluding interventions due to incorrect use of the object (collision, impact, wear out from rubbing / chemical products, etc.

Purelight Srl directly arrange for the management of the returned goods under warranty, and the successive phase of the return. To allow the customer to follow his product at that stage, the customer must request the product serial number by calling Purelight Srl at the phone no. ……………………

In any case, the reference standards and methods of application of the guarantee are those shown and highlighted in the certificate attached to the product. The goods returned under warranty will be sent by Purelight Srl to the customer ‘address. If the customer desires to modify his own address during the delivery, will have to inform Purelight Srl in the necessary times to allow them to take the necessary dispositions. Otherwise Purelight Srl cannot be held responsible for the non-execution of the contract.

10.) Obligations of the buyer

The customer agrees and undertakes, once the procedure of buying online is concluded, to provide to print and keep the present general conditions, which, however, has already seen and accepted as a compulsory step, as well as specifications of the product, and that in order to fully satisfy the conditions of D.Lgs 206/05.It is strictly prohibited to enter false and / or invented and / or fantasy data, the registration process required to provide him with the procedure for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications; the personal data and e-mail must be their only real personal data and not some other person, or fantasy data. Purelight Srl reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, in the interest and for the protection of all consumers.

11.)Right of withdrawal

The customer who for whatever reason is not satisfied with the purchase, has the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without giving any reason, within a period of 14 days (Legislative Decree 21) beginning, for goods, from the day of receipt, for services from the day of conclusion of the contract on-line.

To make any return, the Buyer must follow the following steps:

a) Inform the customer service;

b) Return the total of the order (includes certificate of authenticity, the chest and the jewel);

c) Return the package

Any risk related to returns of jewelry as the loss, degradation or theft is for the Buyer charge.

The withdrawal must be expressed by sending, in the said period of 7 days, a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address

Purelight Srl

Via Matteotti n.9

Castello D’Argile (BO)

 Within the same period it may be sent an email to customercare@purelight.it, to which it must follow within 48 hours by the aforementioned registered letter with return receipt confirming the withdrawal.

Upon receipt of the notice of withdrawal, Purelight Srl will inform the customer about instructions on how to make the return.

Within the aforementioned period of seven days the goods purchased and subject of the return must be returned to the supplier , intact and in their original packaging, with intact security seal not removed, and without any lack. Return costs will be on charge of the customer. Purelight Srl will refund the full amount (excluding shipping costs) paid by the customer within the 30 day period from the date of receipt of goods shipped by the customer, except to any repair costs for ascertained damage to the goods.

Right of withdrawal is in any case subject to following conditions :

a) The right applies to product purchased in its entirety; the withdrawal cannot be exercised only on part of the product purchased

b) The products must be returned intact and in their original packaging, complete in all their parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories); to limit damage to the original package, we recommend to enter into a second box; It should be avoided in all cases the attachment of labels or tape directly on the packaging of the products

c) by law, the shipping costs for return of the goods are charged to the customer; The cost of delivery to the customer will not be reimbursed and also any other costs indicated at the time of order; The shipment, until the proof of receipt in our warehouse, is totally under the responsibility of the customer

Purelight Srl is not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments; on its arrival at the warehouse, the product will be examined to estimate any damage or tampering. If the package and / or the original packaging are damaged, Purelight Srl will deduct from the refund due a percentage, but no more than 10% of it, as compensation for restoration costs.

Except to any repair costs for damage to the original package, Purelight Srl will refund to the customer the full amount paid (excluding shipping charges) within 30 days from return of goods, by transfer of the amount charged on the credit card or by bank transfer. In the latter case, the Buyer shall promptly provide the bank details on which to obtain reimbursement (IBAN code of the invoice accountholder).

:The right of withdrawal falls, for lack of the essential condition of integrity of the property (the packaging and / or its contents), in cases where Purelight Srl ascertains that :

a) not diligent use of the good that has compromised its integrity, or use of any consumables.

b) the lack of external and / or internal packaging

c) the absence of product components (accessories, manuals, parts,…)

d) damage to the product

In case of loss of the right of withdrawal, the goods remain at the head Office of Purelight Srl, available to the customer for collection at his expense.

12.) Contract termination and explicit termination clause

Purelight Srl has the right to terminate the contract with notice to the customer with adequate and justified reasons; in this case the customer shall only be entitled to the refund of the amount paid

Obligations assumed by the customer, as well as the certainty of payment that the customer makes with the intended means, are essential, so that by express agreement, the failure by the customer, just of one of those bonds will determine the resolution by law of the contract ex art. 1456 cc, without any judicial decision, subject to the right of Purelight Srl to take legal action for compensation of damage

13.) Jurisdiction

Any dispute regarding the application, execution, interpretation and violation of purchase contracts stipulated online through www.purelight.it web-site is subject to Italian jurisdiction; these general conditions are reported, although not expressly referred to therein, in conjunction with the Legislative Decree No. 50 dated 15.1.1992 and Legislative Decree 206/05. Any dispute between the parties relating to this contract will be settled by the Court of Bologna

14.) Technical informations.

Purelight Srl reserves the right to change / adapt the technical and dimensional information of catalog products at their discretion, without notice

15.) Products availability .

There may be cases that a purchase will not be successfully ended because, being an online store, availability may drop to zero when a person is ending the process.

16.) Risk and Property.

Goods shipped freight-prepaid or freight-collect are ensured

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer must verify the integrity of packages and the quantitative and qualitative correspondence with what is indicated in the accompanying document.

The customer in case of obvious damage has the burden to make reservations to the carrier, in order to things transported right at the time of delivery by the carrier, under penalty of forfeiture. In case of partial loss or damage not identified at the time of delivery, the customer must give notice, under penalty of forfeiture, of damage just recognized not later than eight days after receipt (art. 1698 cc).

In case of discrepancy, the same should be reported on the accompanying document and confirmed within seven days at the number (+39 334 989 30 33), Or by email, and always, and unavoidably via registered mail to Purelight Srl . Despite intact packaging , the goods must be checked by Purelight Srl within seven days of receipt

Any non-visible defects must be reported in writing by registered mail with acknowledge receipt no later than 7 days after discovery. Each alert over these terms, will not be taken into account. For each statement, the customer assumes full responsibility for his statements.

In case that, within 7 days of delivery of the purchased goods, it is manifested a lack of conformity with the contract, the customer has the right to apply to Purelight Srl, requiring, at his option, repair or replace of the goods, unless the remedy requested is impossible or excessively expensive compared to the other, or, if the necessary conditions exist, the price reduction or termination of the contract; communication must take place via registered mail, to the Purelight Srl commercial of reference.

Purelight Srl, where is demonstrated their responsibility, will provide, at their own expense, to the product recall, prior, indispensable, communication of the order code. The Purelight Srl reserves the right to charge the customer for any costs incurred for product verification and for its shipping, if it results undamaged and functioning, or without the lack of conformity that is complained and referring to the date of delivery, differently from what declared by the client