Privacy Policy

Informative note according to the article 13 of the legislative decree 196/2003
Personal data entered upon registration will be processed lawfully.
The person in charge of the website processes the information about personal data entered and given through our platform by the user in the same way as the private correspondence.
The person in charge of the website will not control, share, communicate this information, as the information about the user, except for the situations described below.
User’s personal data will be used for:
Management of different services and their related support
Development of statistical analysis and marketing research
Sending messages related to the services and initiatives of the person in charge of the website
Sending information related to the business-to-business and business-to-consumer services and information about possible promotions and/or services given in the website. The user is aware that the person in charge of the website might use the information fairly, if he considers it necessary:
a. To comply with legal regulations;
b. To comply with legal measures, including regulations of the Judicial Authority or of other competent authorities;
c. To enforce his rights in accordance with these notes;
d. To defend himself from  claims of third parties, who assert that these contents violate their rights;
e. To look after the interests of the owner of the website and of third parties.
The User is aware and agrees that the website’s owner might have access to the information or the contents given through the Service in any case in order to find or solve technical problems and answer to claims related to the Service
The User is aware and agrees that technical processing and use of the information is and might be necessary to:
f. Send and receive these data;
g. Carry out planning and programming duties;
h. Comply with technical specifications required by the networks of internet connection;
i. Comply with the technical specifications of the Service.
The website’s owner has the right to process and file in his database the name, the type of Service, the development of business service and other information about the user related to this contract or any other service provided by it.
The User authorizes the website’s owner to process the data and use it related to the performance of this contract and of the services that belong to it.
Furthermore, according to Article 7 of the legislative decree 196/2003, the User authorizes the website’s owner to file, process and communicate data related to the User for the following reasons: customer service (administration, accounting, contracts management, orders, invoicing, debt recovery), marketing, promotion, statistical analysis, surveys about customer’s satisfaction, review, filing oh historical data, pre-contractual information.